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Why Hire a Trial Technician/
Trial Consultant?

The question could be understood in two ways:

Why do I need to have or use technology in trial? or Why do I need to hire someone special to do that?

To answer the first question, technology has become part of our culture, our lifestyle. It is in virtually every aspect of our lives, and jurors expect it to be part of the trial. Using technology to present your evidence will help you capture the attention of an increasingly tech-savvy, and distracted population. How you present evidence affects your credibility just as much as what evidence you present. Which leads to the second question…

Hiring a trial technician removes the technological burden and concerns from you, freeing you to focus on the witnesses and their testimony. It allows your staff to do their job. But, even more critically, it allows you to do your job. If you get distracted from asking questions and spend minutes searching for an exhibit in front of the jury, wasting their time, it will not reflect well on you or your client. Inevitably, at some point, there will be technological difficulties. Having someone on your team who knows how to resolve those issues quickly without requiring your hands-on attention is critical.

Best EP has the equipment and the technology to present your evidence in a way that will capture and engage the jury. Our experience and expertise will give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on the trial.

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