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About us

Who We Are?

Best EP is a full-service trial presentation and litigation support company, specializing in in-trial evidence presentation. We offer complete start-to-finish trial consulting services, including Document Management, Exhibit Production, In-trial Support and Courtroom Equipment Setup.

Our goal is to take away the technological concerns from your trial, allowing you to focus on the witnesses and their testimony. We strive to seamlessly integrate with your team to prepare and present trial evidence.

Our experience ranges in a variety of civil matters, in both State and Federal courts; including Intellectual Property, Construction Defect, Roadway Design, Personal Injury, Use of Force and Officer Involved Shootings. Each case requires an individual approach, and our experience will help you develop a custom presentation based upon your unique strategy. Best EP has 20+ years of litigation support experience which helps us to anticipate the needs of our clients and to exceed their expectations.

What We Do?

When we start working on your case, we will need several things as soon as they are available: Complaint; Case Summary; Depositions Transcripts, Deposition Exhibits and Deposition Video; Key Documents; Document Productions; Original Photograph Files; Audio Files; Video Files; Trial Exhibits; Exhibit List; and Witness List.

We add all the documents, photos, and exhibits into a custom document database. Once we have these in the database we can: create case-specific indexes using the documents’ meta-data or our own descriptions; OCR the documents; create bates-numbered productions; and export images and load files. Additionally, we load all deposition transcripts, video files, and audio files into our trial database for quick access.

As the beginning of trial draws near, we work with you to prepare opening presentations and also exhibits from your witness outlines. Witness outlines are useful for us to have so that we can be the most prepared for you, but if you do not have (or use) witness outlines prepared ahead of time that is not a problem; we can work on-the-fly. We will also contact the court to ensure that we have the necessary equipment in the courtroom to properly display the evidence in your case.

Additionally, we can prepare both printed exhibit binder sets and digital exhibits for you, opposing counsel, co-counsel, witnesses, and the court. Each page is electronically endorsed with the unique exhibit and page number. In the printed sets, the exhibits are placed behind the corresponding exhibit tab and put into binders. Each exhibit binder is labeled with the case name and number, as well as a volume number and the exhibits contained within.

Finally, in addition to presenting evidence in the courtroom, during the trial we work to coordinate with the attorneys and staff to: add any new exhibits; create new deposition testimony clips; and prepare exhibits for witnesses. We also work with the attorney to prepare a presentation for closing argument. We keep record of every exhibit shown during the course of the trial to aid in gathering the admitted exhibits for the jury.

Bryan Stever

18+ years of experience in litigation support
Presented evidence in over 100 trials
Managed over 400 cases

I have been working in litigation support for 20+ years. I started part-time in the early 2000's by synchronizing depositions and scanning documents. As my experience and understanding grew I took on more and more tasks to facilitate the back-end processes, learning how it all comes together. Eventually I started working with the documents and exhibits to design databases and help the trial consultants be prepared for trial. After a couple of years working in the office, learning the art of litigation support and the legal system, I started presenting evidence in the courtroom.

Being in this field for as long as I have, I have seen how much technology has advanced and the ways it can be used to benefit attorneys in trial. Using technology to cut costs and save you time and stress is the foundational goal of Best EP. As the founder, my specific goal was to continue to give excellent trial support, but at a lower cost for firms and their clients. In 2015 I started Best EP to pursue this idea and make it a reality for litigators. By streamlining processes and reducing overhead I accomplished that, and I continue to look for ways to minimize costs while maximizing service.

For 7 years Best EP was based in Southern California, but late in 2021 the corporate office was moved to Tyler, Texas. Best EP continues to have a presence in SoCal and provides services there, and everywhere, just as it always has. We are excited to now be working in and around ETX, assisting attorneys and providing trial support. (In 2015 the company was formed as Best Evidence Presentations, but in 2024 we shortened our name and rebranded to Best EP.)

Caleb Cannon

I have called Tyler, Texas home for as long as I can remember. After graduating from the University of Texas at Tyler with a BBA in Marketing I worked a few different types of jobs, not sure exactly what I wanted to do.

I started at Best EP in the beginning of 2023, assisting in several trials. I quickly caught on to the software and presentation methods, and have since started working trials independently. At this point, I have only done trials in California and Texas, but am looking forward to working in other states, too. It is always my goal to provide seamless service and provide relevant feedback so that your trial is as smooth as possible.

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