Trial Presentation

Our trial consultants have your exhibits organized and ready to display using cutting edge technology.

Having your exhibits prepared and organized for trial is essential to a seamless presentation. We work hard to make sure that we have everything you need to be organized heading into the courtroom.

As the trial start date draws close we work with you to prepare your opening presentation and exhibits to be shown to witnesses. We will contact the court to ensure that we have the necessary equipment in the courtroom to properly display the evidence in your case. We only use the most current and proven presentation equipment to ensure that your evidence is easy to see and visually appealing.

Throughout the trial we keep a record of evidence as it is shown or referenced to in order to easily refer back to it and also to facilitate the process of sending admitted exhibits to the jury. In addition to presenting evidence in the courtroom, during trial we coordinate with you and your staff to: add any new exhibits; create new deposition testimony clips; and prepare exhibits for witnesses. As the end of trial draws near we also work with you to prepare a presentation for closing argument.