We can add your documents/exhibits, keeping them organized in a digital database and ready for producing.

It is customary for documents produced during discovery to now be produced in a digital format which eliminates the need for scanning. However, there are still times when scanning is necessary. We are setup to process both digital and paper documents. We create a document database specifically for your case where we add all of the documents, photos and exhibits.

Once we have your documents in the database we create custom indexes by manually coding or by using the documents’ meta-data. Other optional services are: OCR; bates-numbering; and exporting images and load files.

We can prepare both printed exhibit binder sets and digital exhibits for opposing counsel, co-counsel and the court. In either case, each page is electronically endorsed with the unique exhibit and page number. Marking each page prevents mix-ups and helps keep everyone on the same page. Each binder is identified by a volume number and the exhibits contained within.