Bryan Stever


I have been working in litigation support for over 10 years. I started part-time in the early 2000's by synchronizing depositions and scanning documents. As my experience and understanding grew I took on more and more tasks to facilitate the back end processes, learning how it all comes together. Eventually I started working with the documents and exhibits to help design databases to help the trial consultants be prepared for trial. After a couple of years working in the office, learning the art of litigation support and the legal system, I started presenting evidence in the courtroom.

Over the course of my 10 years in litigation support I have presented evidence in over 50 trials and worked on over 200 cases. When I work with you it is my goal to display the evidence in a way that is easily identified and understood by the jury. When you do not have to worry the exhibits it makes the testimony and presentation flow seamlessly.

After being in this field for as long as I have, I saw how much technology has advanced. Using technology to cut costs and save you time and stress is what Best EP was founded upon. So, in 2015 I started Best EP to pursue this idea and make it a reality for litigators.